Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Birthday Redemption

So my sweet husband had a birthday a few weeks ago. See here...

{carter - "yeah, yeah, yeah, where's the cupcakes?}

But this is not the reason for this post. 

For the record... Happy Birthday, dear. You damn men just keep getting better looking while we just start costing more money to make ourselves look "less old." It's hardly fair. 

So. The point of this blog is to redeem myself for this previous blog from his birthday last year. As you can see, I had some making up to do. 

Last year's cake...

Alternate view...

In my defense, I was just trying to whip up a quick two layer cake and anyone who's ever done this knows that sometimes when you bake the two cakes they end up with a dome on the top of each one. Let this be a lesson to all, #1 cut the domes off. Eat them. #2 Don't place the cakes dome to dome. Otherwise, the cake will crack when you frost it, and fall apart at the table while you sing happy birthday, at the same time your in-laws hang and shake their tisk-tisking heads at you. It's glorious. 

So this year I was going all out. For my ego husband. I was going to redeem myself for once and all. 

I think I did it.  See....

Now that's much better.  Ahh, Happy Mama! 

Oh and props to my local Papa Johns who agreed to get a little arty with the pepperoni for the occasion! 

And yes, we ate salads and diet water for the rest of the week. :-) 



  1. wow, I am impressed! That is awesome and creative, Cody!

  2. Love it! So glad the cupcakes turned out perfectly! I'm sure he loved it!

  3. You can do that with pizza??? I'm so excited - Daniel's birthday is right around the corner!! Your cupcake pull-a-part cake is beautiful, by the way. I'll send you a pic of what I concoct for D's bday when it is done. I hope it looks half as good as your cupcakes!!