Saturday, July 10, 2010

about the break and the cake.

First of all, welcome back.

Sorry I took a blogging vacation. I'll tell you why, but it's pretty embarrassing.

I became obsessed with Vampire books. There I said it. Feel free to judge.

Yes, I read the Twilight Series a year or two ago, and I guess I wanted to see how the Sookie Stackhouse Novels (aka the Southern Vampire Series, which is now the show True Blood on HBO) compared so I sat down and read all 10 books. They are short, but I became obsessed and now I'm done and feel like I have regained my life again. I'm not a freak, I promise. Maybe it's because I'm so pale skinned I feel a kinship with the undead. And no I'm not going to Comic Con or anything like that.

Side note: When I read a lot, I end up thinking in my head in dialogue. Does that happen to anyone else? Example: ("I really dread doing this laundry," she said as she lifted the basket and prepared to carry it down the two flights of stairs.....) you get the idea. It eventually drives me crazy and will wear off after a couple of days of not reading. Am I a weirdo? or does this happen to you? Don't answer that.

And in case you were wondering. I think I like these better than Twilight! Gasp!

Next topic...

So I think I need to apologize. One of the first blogs I did on here was of Carter's 1st birthday party and I showed you pictures of these fabulous cupcakes I did of all the different kinds of balls he likes.

Maybe I was bragging a little. Maybe I got a big head. Maybe I upset the cake Gods. I don't know.

But, my sweet husbands birthday was last week and I made him a cake. And well.... let's just say it humbled me.

Now let me explain...

I made a two layer cake and when you do that I am fully aware you have to trim the little domes off the tops of the two layers. I guess I just didn't do a good job because when I put the cakes together I put the two domes in the middle/together (i hope you're following) and then it cracked.

Then I added icing...and it cracked some more.

Among my favorite names for the cake were: Fault Line Cake, The Big One, San Andreas Cake, and Chocolate Explosion.

I guess that's what I get for getting a big head. No worries, it's gone now. still tasted good.

Hope all 3 of you (sorry honey, you don't count) that still read this are having a good weekend.

Later gators!



  1. HAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! On the cake and the books. And PS, I always have running dialogue in my head. I need to add you to my google reader and sidebar, as long as you promise to update more than once a month. :D Also, LOVE those precious cupcakes!!!

  2. You are so funny. Between the pale skin and the fault line, I am cracking up over here in Oakie land.

  3. That has got to be the ugliest cake I have ever seen. It rivals the apple pie I made from scratch 2 years ago. It was hideous. Even the dog was scared of it.

    Dang it, alright, I guess I've got to read those books now.

  4. Susannah-- yes, I will update more often. But like I said. I was eat/sleep/breathing those damn books. Better now, no worries. I would be honored to be on your page.

    Jess--love you too. :-)

    Kate-- yes. it was ugly. And yes, the books are good. More grown up than Twilight. A couple of hot and heavy scenes but mostly just a good mystery. I bought them on my kindle otherwise they would be packed up and on their way to you...