Sunday, September 5, 2010

about my Charleston mini-vaca

Charleston!!!! What a cool little city!

My friend Amanda and I spent a very quick girls weekend in Charleston last weekend and it was a blast. I loved the history, the architecture, the food, the photo ops, the food, my company, and the food.

This was the famous burger from Cru cafe. One of the carriage tour guides told us about this place. It's on the corner of Pickney Street and Motley Lane. A little play on "Motley Cru" so I'm told. Hee hee. We also ate at SNOB, and Magnolia's but it was dark and I couldn't get great pics of my food.

The executive chef for this place supposedly comes in every morning and hand grinds his own sirloin for the burgers. He also sat Amanda and I, we saw him bus a table and answering questions from the guests. Pretension was not a problem at this place. It was wonderful all around.

I had so much fun with all the photo ops. I'm still trying to work out taking photos in full sun which is pretty tough to get right, but I'm working on it.

The history of Charleston is pretty amazing. 340 years of history in one city and you're bound to have some interesting stories. There are a few of these cobbled streets which are so neat to think about how long they have been here.

In the 1930's the city declared that nothing could be changed in the city any longer. You could restore, but could not rip down and start over. So if it was there then it's there now.  But even still most everything is much much older.

Charleston is known for their beautiful windows. There were so many great photos to take. If only I knew what I was doing! Ahhhh! 

A great night to sit out on a roof and play catch up with a good friend! 

This stone creature was outside a building that housed the very first elevator in South Carolina. The tour guide said when it first opened people lined up for blocks to pay a nickel to ride the elevator up all 9 stories. HA! We all laughed at that and then he set us straight. He said, "yeah, well if you were to tell those people that you just paid $20 to get pulled around in a horse drawn carriage for an hour, they would have laughed at you too." TOUCHE!

We had fun at a Moon Pie store. I just liked the picture.

 This is another window that I liked. Apparently many, many people couldn't read back in the day, so they had to use pretty obvious pictures to let people know what kind of business went on inside. On the green shutters above you see the moons, which meant this is where you went after work for a drink or two.  And when you are done there, you head across the street...

Hmmmmm.... Any ideas of what goes on in a place that has hearts.....

If you look hard to can see how the two places are right across the street from one another. Too funny.

There are many of these around the city. This is where people used to tie up their horses as they went inside to visit or do business.

Amanda! We both had a lot of fun taking pictures.

This was the coolest Spice/tea shop. I bought some really cool lime infused salt I can't wait to use. It was also a fun place to take some photos.

I grabbed a not so great sandwich right before I left. It was a very strange store. Half deli, half hookah bar. Who knows...

We had such a great time. Can't wait to go back!

Hope everyone is having a relaxing long weekend! Happy Labor Day!

Later Gators!



  1. James and I both went to college in Charleston and then lived there for 5 years - so I loved seeing your pictures and hearing your thoughts about the city. Cru Cafe is one of my faves. We did end up buying that house in Dilworth, so I put Jake in preschool at Dilworth Methodist instead. We will miss seeing you guys, but hope Jonah has a great year at Carmel Pres. Hope to still see you around sometime!

  2. How fun! That looks like a city I would LOVE to visit! The photos are great, Cody. My fav is the cobblestone street.

    xo M

  3. Show's what I know! I thought the Hookas were candlesticks!!! Awesome pics!