Tuesday, August 24, 2010

about The Stinger

This is The Stinger. 

Barely a day goes by when Jonah doesn't hint/ask/beg to ride The Stinger. It's been incredibly hot this summer and riding out in the hot sun is just not an option. But today.....it was cooler. So out came The Stinger. 

By now, little brother can tag along. And he LOVES it! Can you tell? 


Jonah thinks this is awesome. We have ball fields right behind our house. And even though we have to listen to a little bit of noise during "ball" season, this right here, makes it all worth it.  

I am grateful that Jonah enjoys driving his little brother around. And grateful Carter isn't more pushy about driving. Notice how much the little guy's legs have to grow to reach the pedal. We've got awhile. 


Jonah can't get enough. He ate all his dinner in order to go ride The Stinger. (well, almost) 


Ohhhhh, why do I see my future when I look at these pictures? "Hey, mom! Carter and I are going to go to a friends house and do doughnuts in his backyard without our seat belts on, okay!" It's giving me heartburn just thinking about it. 


My boys. So happy. I would like to thank Pap and Momo, for The Stinger, just because it let me get this picture right here. Both smiling happy boys together in one picture. EUREKA! 


Such pure joy! Warms the heart. Ok, well maybe just mine, because I gave birth to both of these 9+ lbs boys. And now look at them.


Carter even had fun chasing Jonah around when he got out. Jonah only mowed him over 3 times. Kidding. Kinda. 


Can't you just hear this conversation?
CARTER: ok, let's go pick up that hot 2 year old down at the end of Fernbank Dr.
JONAH: alright, but I need to swing by the ball fields, I think they're playing softball today. 
CARTER: fine, but the middle school gets out in half an hour and I told this 7th grader I'd pick her up after school. 

I'm going to hate girls one day. 


That's enough for one day...

(notice how he doesn't look where he's going) We need to work on that. 

Have a great week.

Later gators!



  1. The hot girl here at Fernbank is waiting on her ride from 2 hot boys :) Would love to get a pic of all the kids on the stinger soon! Love these shots! XOXO!

  2. I am sooo with you! I am going to HATE girls someday! It's the curse of having a load of handsome little men around :)

  3. Hilarious! I love the second picture. Jonah's face is priceless!!

    xo M

  4. Tell him to swing on by Olde White Lane and pick Princess Hailey up! She would love that! What fun! :)