Tuesday, September 7, 2010

about the first haircut...

I should first tell you this is how the Chase family left the house on Saturday to go do some errands around town...in public...very public, as in the mall. 

It was Bama's first game of the season, so you have about 8 months of pent up team spirit ooozing out on the first day. 


A quick photo session, and we are out the door. Even though, I thought it was a bit much, if I do say so myself. On a sidenote, Jonah refuses to wear his sunglasses BEHIND his ears like the rest of the Earth's population. 


And we made it in the chair/airplane without much of a fuss.


 Goodbye beautiful baby locks. I'll miss you. 


"I don't know what this woman is doing to my head, but this airplane is pretty cool!"


"I don't know about this. I would like to get down now."

"ooooh pretzels, I'll sit here for another minute for some pretzels!!"

"YAY!!! I love pretzels! and driving this airplane!"

"Minute is over, I would like to get down now."

"Get me outta here!"

"WHO ARE YOU!!!????"

"Dear God, please make this lady let go of my head."

"Alright, I'm jumping ship."

Just in time. He was done. Transformation from baby, to little man, is now over. Sniff, sniff.

Oh, but he does look cute. Even if I do say so myself.

Have a happy day!

Later gators!



  1. Super cute haircut! He looks so big. I love how you captured all his changing faces :). I think one of these would be great for PW's contest.

    xo M

  2. Oh, Cody, the picture of him looking up at the lady cutting his hair and his pouty lips just made me laugh out loud. That is SO cute!!

  3. So apparently we need a photo of a cat to get pioneer woman's attention!