Wednesday, September 22, 2010

about being stuck in the 80's

Something has happened to me.

I'm stuck in a 80's time warp. I don't know what started it, but I can't stop thinking about everything that made that great era of 80's radical awesomeness.

It started with music. A little Fleetwood Mac, Pat Benatar, The Police, then it morphed into Huey Lewis and the News as some of you heard via Facebook last week.  Maybe it's because music of today really sucks. Sorry, Ke$ha. But it do. You are not rad.  Oh, but Huey.... he was one totally gnarly dude.

Hey don't knock it. I have such memories of this. I was on vacation with my dad down on the Gulf Coast and I remember as we were checking in the hotel, sitting in the lobby listening to Huey thinking I was such a cool teenager! Oh and listening on one of these bad boys....

Ohhhhh, memories. The walkman. The world's first ipod. Not to mention tapes. I still remember the feel of pushing play and having to fast forward to get to the next song. Hoping you didn't go too far, and then flipping it over to the B side. 

Before that I had the coolest toy called the Pocket Rocker. Anyone else have one of these?? I thought this was AWESOME. I remember having the Walk Like and Egyptian one and some Debbie Gibson one too. Just check out the colors and graphics on this thing. Could it scream 1986 any louder? 

They were just little tapes on a little player that played out loud if you wanted. Do I really have to explain? Was I the only one who had one of these like awesome things??? Like, totally?!

There was also a little pastel colored radio with a strap that several of my friends had. I remember it so clearly and I wanted one so bad. Because they were so rad.

And when I wasn't listening to music I was probably wearing a pair of these...

JAMS!!! Maybe it was an Alabama thing, but these were hugely popular for a while. I think I only had one pair, but they came in many, many colors. I can't wait for these to make a comeback...NOT. 

On the fashion note there were also these awesome things...

Oh these sweet little plastic charm bracelets. How I wish I still had mine. I've been trying to remember which ones I had.  I know I had a telephone and a whistle. I actually found one of these for sale somewhere online and bought it for friend's birthday. I think it was a hit. 

Then a little later there were these...

The slap bracelet! I mean, what an idea! I guess it's not that different from a silly band. Sidenote...I love the new silly bands. I can't get my kids to wear them, i've tried. But I love them! Did anyone ever take a slap bracelet apart. It was just a little piece of thin metal. Probably full of lead. 

And raise your hand if you had one of these. It's how we used to keep in shape in between MTV and Atari.

The Pogo Ball! These were so fun. I think mine was purple and neon green. Do they still sell these??? That's was kids today need more of...Pogo Balls!! 

Oh the 80's! How I miss you. Edgy yet, innocent. I feel so old thinking about all of this. And yes, I'll say it. Today we leave nothing to the imagination. Music is hardly music. MTV has turned into brain junkfood, and the stuff people wear make Madonna's cone bra look like church wear. 

And can you believe I have talked about all this without even mentioning movies??? 

Are you the Gatekeeper?

Who ya  gunna call?


"goooood enoughhhh, for me it's good enough..."  

Oh no, I think I have more music to download now. I didn't even think about Cyndi...

Thanks for time warping with me...



  1. Gurrll....I squealed when I saw that little radio! It was one of my fave gifts ever. I had the cream one. Loved those pastel buttons. :) I still love 80s music. I wish my kids were growing up then instead of the garbage they have now. I'm a little jealous though....I never had jams or the charm bracelet and I've never even seen the pogo ball. Hey mom....

  2. Dannnnnnnnnnnnnng! Bring it back girl! I had about half of that crap! I never saw that pocket rocket thing though. I always wanted that strap radio. And I rocked the shit out of those charms! I think I remember seeing you in multiple Jamz at RMS in about 1991. Maybe. :D

  3. OMG!!! I had that exact same Sharp pink radio (I still think I do, actually). It was so awesome. And who doesn't love the Goonies?! That was my favorite movie growing up.

    xo M