Monday, September 27, 2010

about unexpected friendship snail mail style

I had kind of a rough week.

School got canceled one day.

My husband had two out of town trips.

Jonah had a complete off day on Saturday which ended with me dragging two screaming and dirty children to two book stores to find and buy the book, "Raising Your Spirited Child."  (you should have seen the look on the store clerks face when I begged him to please please go find it for me in a hurry)

Then as my #1 Crimson Tide was trailing in a football death match my sweet baby Carter puked all over me. I only wish there were stronger words for "all over me." As he continued to vomit, (after all I couldn't blame him, the way we were playing was making me sick too) the Tide made their big comeback and won the game.

Then I started feeling sick myself.  And there went my Sunday.


As I was sitting here this morning relishing in my misery of the past few days I saw something that I had sitting out.

Two sweet notes sent by friends last week via snail mail. GASP! You all remember that, right?

You use some sort of writing utensils with your hands and get a physical piece of paper and write on it, seal it up, place something on it called a stamp (google it if you must) and then put it in that box with the flag at the end of your driveway.

I got two of them last week. So unexpected. So thoughtful. I feel a little giddy when I look at them. I've read them both about a million times. (I usually hit delete right after I read an email) And this morning as I was sulking in my misery I saw them, read them yet again, and picked myself up by my bootstraps, took a shower to get all the gunk of the past few days off of me and felt better.

I'm sure my sweet friends Pat and Heather didn't know how much those little notes were going to lift me up. But it did. I am so grateful to them both.

So, I challenge you to go write and send a note to a friend to just say hi, or tell them how glad you are to have them as a friend, or just relay a funny story or joke. Yes, it takes longer than an email, text or status update, but you never know what the effect it could have.

PLUS!!!!!!! As an added bonus, just think..... You can't buy cute new stationary if you don't use up what you have!!!

I'm just sayin....

Happy Monday Everyone, to a happy and healthy week!



  1. Wow, there is a lot going on here, Cody. First, taht picture of Jonah is so adorable! Second, I hope Carter is feeling better and you all don't get sick. Lastly, I LOVE snail mail. Those two cards are so adorable. Please don't scare me and say that people have to google "stamps."

    xo M

  2. Oh Wow! I'm finally just reading this! (See, if you had sent it snail-mail, I wouldn't have had to wait to boot-up the computer to read your blog... (ok, I'm still in the Desktop Dark Ages!). Anyway, SO happy it made your day and I can't believe what great timing! xoxo-Heather

  3. Thanks for keepin' it real up top there Cody. You mean raising two boys as a stay at home mom isn't all laughter and stories?! I'm glad you got cheered up too. Friends are awesome.