Monday, June 28, 2010

Carter...the spice of life.

Carter sure is making life interesting these days.

I just have a couple of random photos (iphone camera ones) that I would like to share.

Last week, Carter had some allergy testing done. Here's what that looked like.

This photo was about 5 min in.

They write on his back lists of different kinds of allergens. The top right is the "control." It's a histamine that is supposed to get red and itchy. So you know it works, or to just make you uncomfortable. I'm not sure. They prick your skin with a tiny bit of the allergen to see if you have a reaction.

Here's about 10 min into the 15 min wait.

I had no clue which number meant which allergen. I saw whatever #4 (the large welt) was and knew we had a problem. Ugh.

Peanut. Dang.

The one above peanut was milk, which often has false positives, and the slightly other red one in the other column was dog. Score.

Poor guy. We left with no answer for the eczema, and prescriptions for epi-pens. Of which our insurance doesn't cover. (say WHAT?)

I also keep finding him in weird places. I guess I should keep an eye on him better. (see post about the "incident," you think I would have learned my lesson.)

Of course these are just the ones I happened to snap iphone pics of, and of course only the ones I am willing to make public. I'm tired of Child Protective Services knocking on my door.

Carter dear, why must you stand in your high chair? You can barely walk, do you think this is going to turn out well? If only your mother would fix the strap on your seat.

As mentioned above, Carter has slight allergies to dog. Probably not a good idea for him to be sitting in the dog bed to watch tv. Up on the fireplace hearth no less. Another great mom award for me.

Hey! At least you can see the fireplace edge is padded, so you can put the phone down.

And this one is just weird.

I mean, this is exactly what I did the first time I got this washer. (don't judge) I think I had a snack though. He's fascinated with it. Maybe he was a little hypnotized? Maybe I should have gone and whispered things like, "you will let mommy sleep until 9" in his ear. I'll try that next time.

As you can see, he's keeping us on his toes.

Happy Monday everyone!

Later Gators!


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  1. The one of him looking at the laundry machine is hilarious! I just love it!! Poor little thing with his allergies. I've had that test done and it sucks.

    Have a great week!