Monday, June 21, 2010

The incident.

True mom confession...

For starters I should tell you that this whole episode lasted all of about 7 seconds start to finish. But I feel like if I share maybe someone will read this and keep just a little closer eye out. Maybe, despite my own embarrassment, I would have helped in some small weird way.

We were having so much fun in the $7 blow up pool I bought off clearance at Target at the tail end of last summer.

I was loving the photo ops.

The sun was at just the right angle.

And my sweet boys were in just the right mood.

Then Jonah and I started playing with this...

Isn't he cute?

And then it happened.

While Jonah and I were playing with the stupid bug, Carter quietly slipped under the water. He was very quietly wiggling around trying to not go under. He was flat on his back, his head barely bobbing up in the (maybe 4 inches?) of water. Like I said, it was probably 5 seconds total, and another 2 seconds before I knew he was ok, but still. I was right there. Sitting 3 feet from him. It happened so fast.

I was probably shaken more than he was. He didn't even cry. But this is my biggest fear, my worst nightmare. Jonah even told his dad that Carter was making snow angels in the water.

It makes me tear up just thinking about this again, but since it's summer, and summer means water, and I learned first hand how one dumb preoccupation can make you forget your job, I wanted to share. And to ask of you, please don't leave your little ones around the water. No matter how quick you'll be, no matter how little water it is. In fact, don't take your eye off of them. Ever.

So that's that.

And then I took him to the allergist today, and he's allergic to peanuts. Ahh, but that's another story.

Happy first day of Summer everyone, make it a safe one.

Later gators,


  1. I HATE the pool for this very reason. Last week I went to my nice neighborhood pool w/ my 4 boys and my SIL and her 4 kids. Ammon, my 2 yr old asked if he could get in the pool-I said yes b/c I was carrying Elijah (1) right behind him. In the 2 seconds it took for me to scoop up Eli and turn back around, Ammon was full on floating w/ his head in the water! My SIL was RIGHT THERE! I screamed at her and she got him out, I cried a lot and haven't been back since.
    Great post. It can happen so fast-too fast.

  2. Aw, I'm so sorry friend. You shouldn't be embarrassed. We all have stories like this. One of my finer moments involved a call to poison control after Aiden drank about a half a bottle of childrens' sunscreen. I was proud. sidenote** apparently the chemicals in sunscreen turn to aspirin in the stomach. Who knew?

  3. Oh man, scary. I've had those scary moments with other things, mostly bad falls, scissors, etc. Good posting- it only takes a second. My son (21 mo) thinks he is an olympic swimmer and jumps freely into the pool. He used to wait till I got in first. Now if anyone is remotely even near the pool he'll jump. Its scary- you always have to watch. Hope you guys are well and had a nice calm night tonight. The photos are spectacular! You boys are very handsome.

  4. Aw, I'm sorry Cody. I know that had to be SCARY but you didn't so anything wrong. Thank the Lord for happy endings and lessons learned! Thinking of you. JWalkerB (that's new)

  5. Thanks everyone, I feel better just having shared. I'm actually glad it happened now, it was a good wake up call.