Wednesday, May 12, 2010

In the begining...

Ok, so I'm startin a blog. I know, I'm so cool and I just have to do this because everyone else is doing it. Well, yeah, kinda. It looks like fun and I just want to. So there.

What's it about? Good question. Who knows. I'm sure it will be a lot about my boys. But sometimes I'd just like to share a funny story, picture or link. So that's why I'm here. But, my life is my boys...all of them. So we'll start there.

The Cast:

Boy #1

Dad extraordinaire, Nathan/Chuck/Nuck (whatever suits), lawyer, golfer, pearl jam lover, hubby of almost 9 (whoa!) years.

Boy #2

Cooper: Punk, 8 years old, quite possibly the most mischievous mammal in known existence, loves food (any and all kinds), trash, tissues, and his "friend" Rocky. Still, this dog is my dog soul mate. Speaking of, the dog just downed a fun sized bag of M&M's that Boy #3 left hanging around. Good luck, Coop.

Boy #3

Jonah, aka "Buzz Lightyear," 3 years old, loves Toy Story, tools, his daddy, testing his mommy, and food, constantly food. Remembers everything, his brain is a steel trap folks. Talks...constantly.

Boy #4

Carter: 1 year old. Totally go with the flow, smiles constantly, loves balls of any shape size and color, food, and dancing. Smiles at old wrinkly men at the grocery store, which melts their hearts, and mine.

So there they are! Aren't they a handsome bunch. Makes my heart flutter.

Until next time...



  1. I'm so glad you started a blog! You're boys are so cute! You are such a great Mom and I would love to get to know you again. I think you are wonderful.

  2. I love your blog - welcome to the dark side.