Wednesday, December 8, 2010

a year of iphone photos

Last week marked one year of the beautiful union of Cody and iphone.

Me and my beloved device have had quite a year and in looking over the pictures I have taken over the past 365 days, I thought I would share with you my top 12 favorite iphone pics. It was hard enough to narrow it down from the 333 pictures I took on my phone over the year, so don't ask me to rank them. It's like picking a favorite child.

So here goes:


This is one of the first pics taken. It sums up my boys pretty well. Both thumb suckers. Same thumbs. Two very different styles.


Oh, Jonah. Part cowboy, part fireman, part diver. Not to mention a smurf. Love this kid.


I took this at Jonah's Christmas party last year at preschool. This is friend Liesl who is adorable. I didn't prompt him to do this, I don't even think he realized I was there. I also like how their heads and Jonah's elbow almost make a heart.


Ahhhh. Need I say more. My beloved vice. Don't ask me what made me take this picture, but I have always thought it turned out pretty cool, especially for an iphone pic.


This is one of my all time favorites pics. He is just SO excited. You would think I had said something extremely funny, or was dangling a new toy in front of him, but no this was all over plain old Cheerios. Don't you wish plain old Cheerios made you this happy?


This just makes me laugh. Carter is still so enamored with the washer and dryer. It's cute and all, but he insists on helping and it makes things go fairly slow. But believe me as soon as he can learn lights from darks, I'm turning this job over.


My big man. I love this picture. His eyes! That mouth! (no lipstick I promise.) But I do absolutely love the tint this iphone app put on this pic. One of my top favs!


I have no clue why I like this one so much. I just think she is so cute. Can you guess the color of the purse she was putting in the car? What you can't see is the red sunglasses.


We were at Hilton Head. Daddy and Big Bro had left to go down to the beach, and he knew it. I didn't think he'd really even notice. I was wrong.


The title for this one is just: The Car Wash.  Sorry little man, mommy will remember next time. (or you can just get over it)


He asked to sit on the potty. Who knows? Doesn't he just look like the poster child for potty training?  And yes, he had a big dinner, hence the belly. Must have been pasta or something. My boy loves some pasta.

Jonah and I had taken the "city train" aka light rail uptown to go to his first play. He really loves the train. I just love this picture. 

So there you go. I really love having a camera on my at all times. You never know what you'll catch. I would love to do a post of other people's favorite camera phone pictures, so if you have a really good one you would like to share please send it to me at If I get enough good ones I'll do a really cool post. 

Also, if you have an iphone and love taking pictures and would like to up your game check out these apps:

ShakeItPhoto -one of my favs. 

They all do different things and are all super cheap. 

Don't forget to send me your favorite Camera phone pics! I can't wait to see! Do I need to make this interesting? hmmmmm?

Later gators!



  1. oh wow. you have opened up a serious can of worms here. I was just about to go to sleep but no, now I am sifting through this year's iphotos! So fun to look back. I'll send you them soon. This posting is hilarious! love the little lady in red. and the tantrum. and the thumbs- those are my favs!

  2. meant to say iphone photos... it's late. :)

  3. I have a flip phone, so my pictures are terrible. I have to say the smurf t-shirt and washing the laundry are my favorite!