Monday, August 2, 2010

about our staycation

The moon and stars aligned weekend before last when my mom came in town and I was able to surprise my mister with 20 relaxing kid free hours. It included a stay at our local Westin hotel in uptown Charlotte.

It was so fun to surprise him. He just thought we were going to dinner and to get out for a few hours without the kiddos. I was incredibly nervous all day trying to keep this a secret while getting bags packed, Nana instructed, and hubby oblivious. When we pulled in and I spilled the beans I was so happy he was thrilled! Let the fun begin!

I told ANYONE who would listen, that it was our anniversary and that I wanted a QUIET room. My only expectations for our "staycation" was that I could sleep without having someone come into our room when we'd rather sleep. I wanted to wake up on my own accord for a change. I didn't want to be near an ice machine, elevator, stair well, or a wedding party.

They listened...almost...

We got upgraded to a King two-room suite! Sweet! We had a corner room on the 13th floor with a really cool view of the Panther's Bank of America Stadium.

We then walked to Dinner at a place called The King's Kitchen. What a treat! From what I understand this place was opened by Jim Noble, who is the guy behind Noble's, which is quite possibly the best restaurant in Charlotte, so I'm told.

The King's Kitchen is a non-profit place that employs troubled youth, and provides guidance and employment in order to get them back on their feet. So not only are you eating great southern food, but you feel like you are giving back at the same time.

First you get biscuits and cornbread! We got two servings due to the fact our meal took a little longer than expected. It's amazing how much you don't care how long your food takes when you don't have rug-rats with you to keep entertained.

I went all out and got what was recommended to me which was the pan fried chicken, after all we did walk there. :-) Greenbeans, butterbeans, and mac and cheese rounded out the meal and my belly.

The place being brand new, it was very stylishly decorated and had a really great atmosphere.

By the time we got back from dinner there was a beautiful sunset which was pretty cool from the view from our room.

So as I was saying... I mentioned it was our anniversary to the hotel staff and insisted on a QUIET room. Up until this point they had gone above and beyond. And then this happened...

11:15 p.m. a knock on the door which we didn't hear since it's a 2 room suite. Since we didn't respond the staffer gal decided to let herself in.....???????...

She announced that she had an amenity for us. (champagne and chocolate covered strawberries)

First of all...thank you. It was a very nice thing to do.

Secondly.... WHAT THE HECK!!!???

#1 I told you over and over again I wanted a QUIET room!!!!! and it was 11:15 P.M.!!!

#2 How about a phone call? A knock at the door and no response how about you just leave. Or leave a note saying, "we tried to deliver..."

#3 and this is an important point...

If someone told you it was their anniversary and you decided to bring them a little treat, shouldn't you think about that for a second? At 11:15 P.M. one of two things is probably going on. You are either asleep or you are "not."

The kicker was that when the girl let herself in and was setting down the tray she knocked over one of the glasses and said, "Shit!!!!" Quite loudly.

Overall, it was pretty funny, and we'll get a kick out of the story for a while, but I would just like to know the reasoning behind it all.

The next morning we woke up when our eyes opened, took our time getting showered and dressed. It's incredible how nice it is to do that without having little people swirling around you the whole time. We had some brunch and then headed back to reality.

A staycation is a great way to recharge your batteries. Look into your towns nice hotels. You can get great last minute deals and be sure to mention you're having a getaway and maybe you can get some late night champagne with a side of obscenities too. :-)

Have a great week!

Later gators,



  1. Awesome story Cody! Alice told me about this last night, but its great to hear it from you. Hahaha. Glad you guys had a good time.

  2. This story is hilarious! I can't believe that girl let herself in! And good point about 11:15 and happenings in your room. ha!

    I am glad you had a staycation. They are just the best.

    xo Marcie

  3. That sounds absolutely lovely. And strange (the whole staffer part...wth were they thinking???) Glad you had a wonderful time.

  4. 11:15 pm is about the most unnatural time to deliver anything that wasn't asked for. What in the world?

  5. Oh my, that is quite inappropriate. Yikes! That sounds like a lot of fun though-what a great idea!!

  6. Gary and I still haven't done anything for our 10 yr anniversary. I think this may be just what fits into our budget and time! Thanks!