Sunday, August 8, 2010

about how carter goes down stairs

I saw my big brother do this the other day.

He's always doing stuff like this. And I want to do it too.

I thought I would start with steps. I want to learn how to bop down steps with zeal and thought you might like to know how I mastered the impossible!

First, start as far back from the step as humanly possible. Then get down on all fours. Then stretch your foot out as far as you can to get it just slightly over the edge of the stairs and scrape your leg down the side. Yeah, it hurts, you gotta just work though the pain. 

Put one foot down on the next lowest step keeping two hands firmly on the ground. I also recommend doing this in pants regardless of the 100 degree heat. Your shins will thank you. 

Once you have your foot on the lower step, then the next logical step is to put both your hands on that step too. I mean, just listen to your body and do what feels natural. Sometimes you will topple over and hit your head on the side of the bricks at this point. Don't worry, it's all a part of the learning process. 

Then repeat by again placing your foot on the lower step while keeping your hands firmly placed on the ground. If you get stuck at this point and really need help, just start whining or screaming and someone will come to your rescue. Be persistent if need be or act like your going to fall off, they will come a running then. 

Then turn around and stand up straight! Confidence is everything. At this point you can pick your hands up off the ground. 

Repeat. Practice makes perfect. Many, many, many, many, many times. Until your mommy says thats enough, we need to go inside, it's too dern hot. 

Happy stair climbing! 


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