Tuesday, July 13, 2010

photos from the fourth!

We have a little neighborhood parade on the 4th every year.

It includes a big fire truck. We're in. What is it about boys and firetrucks? Maybe it's girls too. I wouldn't know about that. (not that I'm bitter) (at all)

Like I've said before, getting good pictures of my boys is like trying to get a picture of invisible ink before it dries. But, I tried...

And how, may I ask, does some one as young as ONE learn that when I get my camera out they are to turn around and show me the back of their head.

I love this picture. This is so Jonah. Sucking his thumb (yes he's 3, no judgement!) and playing with his ear. We were waiting for the parade to start.

And getting a pic of the two of them together, ha! Fuhgeddaboudit.

Here we go!

They got to climb in. Mr. Timid above was a little nervous.

Mr. Fourth of July! He looks bored, huh? Just wait, he perks up.

A big ol' fire truck wheel!

The moment I let this guy out of this cage he took off for the fire truck. He did laps around the thing touching every last dirty nasty thing on it. Awesome.

Can you guess the color of this little guys hands after all of this?

I love this one. He was checking everything out. Having a ball.

Mr. Fireman patting my little man on the head. Love it! They actually remembered him from last year. All the firemen were making fun of my little chunk. See below...

One year ago.

I wish you could have seen the wheels turning in this baby's head as he watches the boy climb on the fire truck.

So there was our 4th. Aren't all the pictures of my non smiling 3 year old and the back of my 1 year old's head exciting.

I was so looking forward to all the colorful photo ops the holiday would provide. One of these days I am going to find a willing subject.

Hope you guys are having a wonderful week!

Later Gators!


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  1. Ha! I have SO many back of the head photos. hilarious! How do you have such BLOND children?! Like I should talk, I guess. They are adorable. love your posts. I want to start a blog soon... need to get motivated. Reading yours is easier and more fun. :)