Wednesday, July 21, 2010

on becoming rowdy

Something happened to my Jonah about a month ago.

It's like he woke up and decided to be more......boyish.

We now tackle those who sit on the floor. Things like brushes, little plastic toy corn on the cob, and mom's whisk have all become guns. And we have the gun noise perfected.

We like to jump on everything. And off of them.

We like to wear things that don't match. Even if they make us look weird. We call this the Abominable Snowflake WALL-E fireman. He's awesome. And thinks he can fly.

This is the reason they put the warning on super hero costumes. Someone please get this man a cape!

No worries, he didn't go out the window. Yet....

Happy Wednesday!

Later Gators!



  1. Jonah and Reece are two peas in a pod right now. I was thankful for the rain last week so we didn't look so ridiculous going out in rain boots everyday.

  2. Aw, he looks adorable. You never know, he could be a fashion designer someday. :)

    Isaac woke up one day and became a demon. I'm not even kidding. He has turned into his mean, whiny bully. It's awful. My throat's sore from yelling.

  3. Awesome photos, Cody! I can't believe how old he is getting! I have to ask, does he have an accent??

    xo Marcie

  4. It was bound to happen sooner or later. I don't care what new age psychologists say about gender in children, my nephews were rowdy and were constantly killing each other and my niece (who wore all her older brother's boy clothes hand-me-downs for years) loved pink and dresses and purses. It's in our DNA.

  5. You shot some fabulous action photos Cody! They (you know, "they") say that boys will be boys! I think it is adorable... but then again I only have girls so I am missing out on all of the boyish fun of parenting... :)

  6. That's hilarious!!! My 3 1/2 y.o. has the same boots! Sometimes they're his fireman boots, sometimes they double as his pirate boots, and sometimes they're just because like in your son's pictures. We have gun-mania in our house which is astonishing b/c he isn't allowed to watch anything violent and I HATE guns. Boys just know how to pick that up by nature, I guess. I had a long talk about how only the good-guys (i.e. Police, Military) are supposed to use their guns, so whenever I hear the noise, I ask him who he is saving today...LOVE YOUR BLOG!!!