Friday, July 16, 2010

dirty little secret...

Pre rug-rats, I used to be a teacher. Did I ever tell you that? I barely remember myself.

(me circa 2004)

When someone asks me why I became a teacher I usually say one or more of the following...

~ I just love kids.
~ I believe the children are our future, teach them well and let them lead the way. (thank you Whitney)
~ I have a natural talent for patience, thought I would put it to good use.
~ Always good to give back....

What I DO NOT say is the truth... Wanna hear it.... Here it goes....

I have an addiction to office/school supplies. What other profession lets you hide behind your addictions? Ok, don't answer that.

But seriously I became a teacher because I would have the perfect excuse to purchase and literally drown myself in office/school supplies.

I really love pens/pencils/markers and paper. Buy me a cute notebook and you've made a friend for life.

And since it's back to school shopping time, (yeah, I know it's early, but they're out at Target!) I thought I would show you some of my favorites and somethings I just like to "visit" online.

These are my absolute favorite marker pens. They wouldn't bleed through when I graded papers. Couldn't live without these.

There is one thing I hate though, and it is paper clips. I abhor them. But..... if they looked like this maybe we can get along...

I also love the feel of a good eraser. I'm really picky about them, but I've seen these and I love it. There is also another 4 letter word variation...

Notebooks are where it's at with me. I am under the impression that for every list I need to make, I need a new notebook for it. Aren't these radiant!!!

and this one too...

And look at these push pins!!! Sure beats the game-piece style plastic ones I had...

Look at this USB drive. Mine is silver. Why? When I could have one that looks like this! With the right outfit, this could be fab!

Oh and this laptop!!!!! There are no words. Thankfully, it's not a mac. And since I'm a mac snob, it's not for me. But maybe I could just get it to set out and look pretty?

Speaking of laptops... If you have one, well, then you are going to need a case. A few of my favorites...

And this one I saved for last. I MUST find a reason to justify this. It is so magnificent. Thoughts?

I didn't even show you the best part.... Wait for it...... HERE! The inside!!! "Thou shall not covet, thou shall not covet...."

I mean it's only $272 and it's ON SALE!

Anyway, I could go on and on. I hope I didn't bore you with the endless list of needless stuff. And of course if you like any of them you can click the green underlined word in the text, it will take you where to find it. If you end up buying something tell them Cody and the Boys sent ya.........And they'll laugh in your face. HA!

Now I'm off to figure out how to get back into this teaching gig...

Have a wonderful weekend!

Later Gators!



  1. hahahahahahahahahaaaaaaaa!! You so funny. But no, $272 for a laptop case is absolutely ridiculous. I forbid you. (Chuck, you can thank me later.)

    Did I ever tell you the reason that I became a mental health social worker? Welllll, it was my secret addiction to psychotropic medications, like this one.....and this one...and how about this one, it is soooo cute... Mwuaahahahahaha!

  2. Hahahahah! Oh, kate. Do I need to have your children taken away? And rest assured my current laptop case came from walmart and was about $15, 3 years ago. So not fun.

  3. I think if I whipped out those butterfly paperclips in class the girls would squeal uncontrollably, and the boys would throw themselves through the windows. It would bring anarchy into my controlled little classroom. That laptop case though, I'm sure there's a justification in there somewhere. I think I could use it as a purse it's so fabulous.

    And I want those pens. $15 - whatever. I deserve it. Teaching is hard work.