Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meet Joe Fly

Joe the Fly lives...still.

On May 19th, at 5:54 p.m. I posted on facebook about a fly that had been living in my house for almost two weeks.

He's still here. It's June 3rd.

I have come to love this very friendly fly. I no longer swat when he lands on my head, jonah's bug fear has subsided slightly, and he's someone to talk to during naptime.

Maybe he hangs around us because my kids walk around with their mouths like this....

The problem is we are headed to the beach in a few days. There are no "fly sitters" in the phone book. I checked. I know in the depths of my heart that Joe will be in fly heaven when we get back, but I just hate that he will have to go alone.

And Jonah named him "Joe." I suppose after the Blue's Clues guy. Could be why our house is named Steve too.

Later Gators!



  1. This is hilarious! If I lived closer, I'd come fly sit. :)

    Which beach are you going to? How fun!


  2. Such a fun blog to read. You are a lucky lady Cody. You make motherhood look like a lot of fun. Nice to see - gives me something to aspire to! : )

    Jill (from San Miguel : )

  3. Marcie: we are headed to Hilton Head, SC! Should be a lot of fun!

    Jill: Thank you so much, what a sweet thing to say. Made my morning! Are we thinking of those kinds of aspirations any time soon??? :-)