Friday, June 11, 2010

Back to LIFE and the GIVEAWAY winner!

We're baaaaaack! All good things must come to an end right? We had a wonderful time. Here's the rundown.

What rocked:

*the weather
*the condo
*the oil free beach
*the food
*the lack of sunburns
*the spa
*the boys were AWESOME
*the spa
*the photo ops
*the spa

What sucked:

*the crocs stealer
*the lack of window shades (who knew it was SO bright at 6 am?)
*my complete lack of knowledge of how to take advantage of said photo ops.

OH, and... (drum roll please) the winner of my sweet HHI souvenir.........

Kate S. from Houston, TX!

and because I would have bought you all a souvenir if I could have, I have a runner up too....

Rachel E. from Charlotte, NC!

I know you guys are rolling your eyes at me, and I know it may be silly, but I loved doing this, so totally expect me to do this again, SOON!

Such a fun trip. I love all my boys so much. We're a fun team.

Here's a showcase of some of my photography nonskills from my trip. :-)



Me at the spa!

what to do with an unwilling subject??

Make the most of it!

The best family photo we have. Seriously.

This was focus run amuck. Made the most by going B&W.

Had no idea who this couple was. I just thought they were sweet.

one of my favs.


  1. Wahooooooo!!! Yippeee! I'm a weiner!! Wait no, that's not right... I'll message you my address. Hooray for me!!

    LOVE the pics. You got a gorgeous family or something.

  2. I think the pics are GREAT! Man that Jonah is too cute!

  3. Great pictures, but I a little peeved that I didn't win the contest......

  4. no worries, there will be more. And Mandy, didn't you just get a bday gift from me??? Let's not get greedy here. :-) I have a ton of gifts for you, you just have to come and get them.

  5. Cody those are great. I love the one of Jonah and the straw. Such cuties those boys are. All of them. ; )